Marrakech Eye Tours


Religious Heritage

With various traditions that exist in any country, Morocco lures visitors from all around the world.
Marrakech Eye Tours will take you beyond the luxurious facade on travel and into the real authentic experience: visit of the Jewish neighborhood “Mellah” and its 15th century synagogue, also Marrakech city is a famous destination for Sufi tourists from all around the world.

Historical & Museums Tour

During this tour, we will enjoy a stroll to the very heart of Marrakech.
You will not only learn about the Marrakech history, but we will start to understand the city life.

Tasting food & Night Market

It’s better not to take the plunge yourself. Book your passionate local guide through our website as it’s Marrakech’s #1 loved food tours.
It’s much more than a delicious food tasting, it’s also a taste of Marrakech night life. We assure you that you will realize the real soul of Marrakech lies in its food and night market tours.

Shopping in Marrakech

One of our greatest passions is shopping and gathering information where to buy what. Hence, we provide personal shopper services ensuring hassle-free purchasing, Best prices and shipping door to door in good conditions.