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Hi, my name is Adil The founder of Marrakech Eye Tours. I was born in Marrakech, as we say born and bred in Marrakech. I was homeless as a child, so the streets of Marrakech used to be my home. I love this city, and I explored the various streets and corners as a boy and I know it well like the back of my hand. The more I learnt about Marrakech, the more I adored it. I was lucky to get my university degree at English literature, degree at English Advanced Level for overseas candidates , international Diploma for Business English (EBC) Master in Tourism in UK (MA). I have worked in various capacities over the last 25 years mostly in the travel industry: As a hotel sales manager, hotel general manager, consultant of tourism and various other positions within hospitality as well. I therefore, believe I have acquired the social and leadership skills for guiding travellers from all parts of the globe, those seeking a unique experience in this part of the world Morocco especially in Marrakech. Traveling is my passion . I have travelled to more than 55 countries, I’m also an internationally acclaimed half marathon runner. So becoming a tour guide wasn’t accidental. My previous experiences have been to accompany leisure, spiritual, people of different faiths either Muslims, Jewish, Sufi etc…., school children, adventure seekers, travel writers, photographers, film makers... And the list is endless. I have a keen and unbiased eye for Morocco Marrakech. My duty is the beaming smiles that appear on the faces of the fellow travellers that get to experience the backstreets of Marrakech through my eyes.